We are now offering online psychotherapy visits with Dr. Nussbaum throughout New York State, to those patients for whom, we believe online psychotherapy would be appropriate. Among those who can greatly benefit from seeing Dr. Nussbaum online are those with difficult work or life schedules, those who live in rural areas or are otherwise without transportation to our offices, and those who are medically disabled. If you would like to take advantage of this groundbreaking service, using HIPAA compliant technology, we can set up an appointment for you. In many cases, the cost of online psychotherapy may be covered by your insurance plan, but if not, we accept convenient online credit card billing for these services.

To get started, please download and review our get acquainted form, statements of understanding, releases and so on. Once you have completed these call us at 1800 576 7437 and we will tell you how to securely upload these to us or alternatively, where to mail them, so as to add to your treatment folder and we will also tell you how to book your first appointment with Dr. Nussbaum. The links to our forms for immediate download are below.